some new records

pondelok 15. mája 2017


Camerman Roger ‎– Welkom (New Beat)
DJ Jay Dee, Marky Dee ‎– Belgian Rap (English Version)
Flash ‎– Throw Your Hands
S&M ‎– This Is The House
George G ‎– Hot Lovers (Acid Mix)
Anja Yelles ‎– D'n Toffe Beat
Takis Gritzelis ‎– Laisse Tomber Les Filles

Thenax Adventures ‎– Thenax Adventure (G.L.T. New Beat Remix)
Gusman ‎– Magic Gusman
Big Mike ‎– Push (Street Mix)
Vivaldi Funk ‎– Dig This
Django Three ‎– Find A Beat
Xantic ‎– The KSI-Sound's Rulers – Row (Deep Version)
Boy Syndicate & Dynabite ‎– Dirty Acid Porno
Gold Coast Feat.The Cin ‎– Belgian Chips
Dresden Danse ‎– Big Tablet (Higher)
B.T.M. CLUB ‎– Beat Operators

Dj Baylo - Acid Vicious Where Is The House
T. Vision ‎- Dance Acid
Organized Crime - A Day In The Studio (Mindful Mix)
Electric City ‎- I've Got A Minute (Dance Mix)
Django Three - Magic Man (Club Mix)
Chaz / Joi -Sexy Dancer
Mel Rose ‎- Washington Limit Time (House Version)
Toilet Paper - Nella Vecchia Fattoria (Baleacid Version)
Home Traveling ‎- Impressioni Di Settembre (Acid House Version)

The Newz ‎- Evening News (Clubmix)
Prisca ‎- Big Black Cadillac (Instrumental)
Eco Dibango ‎- Un Poco (Crazy)
Hunting Hunting - Shivering (Instrumental)
Yes, Sir ‎- Yes, Sir (New Beat Mix)
White Boys - New Acid Flight
T.J Sanders / Ale Trama ‎- Feel The Energy (Acid Version)
The Beatbrothers - Round & Round (7" Mix)
Forza - Viva Belgica (Instrumental)
Holland - Aanvallen! B2

Happy New Year (Telefonanswermachine Mix)
Noël Clerckx ‎– Jungle New Beat
The Bee-Dee Clan ‎– New Dance
Klassical Krew ‎– Maars
Three Dogs Fighting (No Bones Left) ‎– BBC Worldservice
Dirty Mind ‎– What Time Is It (Ambient Mix)
Cascabeles ‎– Navidad House

Psycho (Crack The Ghost) (Сlubmix)
Dr. Smiley ‎– L'Echo Dechavanne
B & B - Betty Blue
Houlala ‎– Alors Je T'ouble (Acid Amnesia Remix)
K.G.B. ‎– K. In Russia
No Panic - Boccacio Beach
A.L.E.X. ‎– Indians
The Mystery's - Struggle For Life
Why Not James - Vicious On The Phone
Rene - French Connection 90
Double C. ‎– Sunshine Rap (Once Again Mix)

The Dad's ‎- Space Beat
Ann Verreth ‎- We Want You (Instrumentaal)
The Monks - Join Us
Le Bon Sauvage ‎- It's Tiger Time (Let Your Body Move) (Arabic Mix French-English Version)
Co.-Jack ‎- Body Heat (Instrumental)
Klassical Krew - House Of The Mountain King
Anette K. ‎- The Fetish (English Version)

Low Budget - The Summit (Extended Version)
Gaily News – No More War In My House
The Hoessein Orchestra - Desertshield (Mix 2)
Mega House – Mega House
Nina Lem – House In Brazil (Beat Mix)
It's A Knock-Out – Ama-Ama-Amadeus
Gay City Rollers - Minigolf On Acid
Pi Kavet – 732

Mix Nationaal – Nationaalmix (Mix 1)
Helena Sampaio – El Gringo
Lunch Packet – Opera Beat
Cheb Djhay - Chez Rai
L.X.R. – Elixir Of Love
Harpo – The Perestroijka Beat
Okey Club – Five For Twelve
Laguna – Bier Beat
Corruption House – Bon Anniversaire

Olivier Muys ‎– Ich Liebe Dich
House Maestro ‎– Allegretto Beat
J.F. Raiders Orchestra ‎– Concerto
Acid Spain ‎– Extasispain
The Magnetic Project ‎– Jungle Acid
Harpo ‎– The Wrong Girl
H2SO4 - Dangerous Formula
A.L.E.X. - Fashion A
Boca ‎– Boca